Our Trip to Danli

A couple of weeks ago we embarked on a long trip that consisted of a coach bus, a rapidito and two taxis. The trip took us to within 40 min of the Nicaragua border. We went to visit the Kuschels. Kevin was kind enough to take us to their Finca and to send us the pictures he took.

Caitlin and I in front of the oven they were using to cook bread in.

In the corn fields laughing about something.

The reason why the province is called ‘El Paraiso’

Caitlin Crossing the River. Me in the river thanks to my keens.(Thanks Dave)
Kevin on a Horse.

Caitlin on the Horse. She looks like a natural.

Caitlin on the horse with Kuschel’s brother in law.

Us in front of Kuschels house with Rosie and his cousins in-law. They drove us to Tegucigalpa on the way back.

4 thoughts on “Our Trip to Danli

  1. Great photographs, once again. Truly appreciated. The beautiful countryside and also the bread oven. Romance at it’s best. Tornado, trusty mount that he is, said the horse in the photos, is butt ugly, though. Poor beast. Tornado is vain though. 😉


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