TidBit of the Day-Wildlife

There is a ton of wildlife at school…

Lizards–Of course there are geckos everywhere, but there are also big iguanas (2-3 feet in length). Jesse sometimes spots them out the window of Alex’s classroom.

Birds–We have toucans that are black with big beaks and we also have parrots (or parakeets?) that are green and yellow and red…very cool looking!

Spiders–Giant hair things that I think are tarantulas! ewwww

Dogs–Every once in awhile we get a stray dog wandering through campus. I’m a little surprised they make it in since we are surrounded by a gate, but with the massive number of stray dogs here I suppose it only makes sense.

And also wildlife at home…

Bugs–We have giant cockroaches (about 2 inches long). There are not a ton, we’ve probably only found about 5 the whole time we’ve been here, but they still freak me out. ugh

Rodents–BIG rats. The first time I saw one from a distance I thought it was a squirrel!! Luckily these are not inside our apartment (so far)…they just scurry around the courtyard at night.

Lizards–Lots and lots of geckos. They make a funny clicking noise so even when we can’t see them we can usually hear them!


6 thoughts on “TidBit of the Day-Wildlife

  1. Es interesante, y para que te acostumbres, las cucarachas posiblemente vuelen en Honduras. En areas donde la temperatura es mas alta, el metabolismo se modifica lo cual les permite que las alas que normalmente no son funcionales aca en Estados Unidos, en Honduras les permite volar. De vez en cuando las cucarachas tambien muerden. Las tarantulas aunque feas son animal inofensivos y suelen alimentarse de insectos. Las iguanas, no se si en Honduras lo hagan, pero en Mexico hacen tamales, y se que en Costa Rica hay una granja donde las crian y venden la carne para consumo humano. Si quieren comer algo realmente natural y organico es lo mejor, no aditivos, hormonas o antibioticos. Seria buena idea que busquen un lugar que venda platillos de iguana y cuando tengan visitantes llevenlos a comer ahi sin decirles que es la especialidad de la casa. Simplemente cuando la digestion comienze les dan las noticias.


  2. I’ve heard of exotic pizza toppings but your wildlife is a bit much.Make mine a plain cheese pizza.The Old Gringo


  3. AH! I don’t like the sound of that! But Matt and I have lizards here in Florida too. They aren’t as big (a few inches), but one came in the apt the first day. Matt trapped it and brought it back outside. I also had roaches in my classroom. The other say I had to step on one with the kids in the room. Gross!


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