The first days…

We have arrived! It’s been a few days and we’re settling in nicely. Our apartment is on the older side, but very cute with lots of character. I’m looking forward to decorating with local artwork and handmade things.

We have figured out how to go to the grocery store and the farmacia and the dunkin donuts down the street. There is tons of American stuff here so we won’t be at a loss for things like Wendy’s, KFC, or Office Depot.

Being true Wisconsinites, we have already been to the corner bar and made friends with the bartender. The popular beers here are Salva Vida, Imperial, and Barena. No Blue Moon, but still delicious when it’s 100 degrees out.

This picture is my and Alex’s apartment!

So far “rainy season” is definitely an understatement. It maybe rains for about 10 minutes around 8 at night. During the day it is hot, humid, and sunny. We have a membership to a local hotel with a pool so we went there yesterday…very cool and relaxing!

Our apartment complex makes us feel like we are on an episode of the Real World. 7 of us live together, taking up 4 out of 5 of the apartments in the complex. Everyone is between the ages of 23 and 29 and so far it has been a lot of fun.

Today is our first day at school. We are having “orientation” which pretty much means we are filling out tons of paperwork for things like immigration, retirement, and bank accounts.

We have some contact info, but for now it is probably best to get ahold of us through the blog or through email. We would love to hear from you!!!


2 thoughts on “The first days…

  1. alex and I, alex and I…arn’t you a teacher? Mom and I were trying to find your skype account today and had no luck, i have it on my mac with my aol user name, still dont know exaclty how it works but if you want to call some time lets work it out.


  2. It looks beautiful there! Thanks for the pictures! Nick will be in Milwaukee this weekend so we will take some triangle minus one pics for you. I’ll put the ones from Madison on my facebook by this weekend if you want to see them. Hope all is going well!


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