Fotografias de la Escuela!!

Oops, the middle school isn’t quite done yet! We’ll be teaching in the old building for the first month of school. I wonder which room is mine…
A view from the parking lot!

3 thoughts on “Fotografias de la Escuela!!

  1. This is Jesus, Alex Dad.I am so proud of the three of you Alex Jesse and Caitlin. I had the opportunity to travel with Alex & Jesse in Spain, great troopers. I also met Caitlin over Thanksgiving and I know how much she loves my son, willing to be in this adventure. maybe you can read Cien anos de solitud de Garcia marques y podran escribir su propio libro acerca de Macondo. las aventuras de los Wisconsinites en el mundo de los bananos. Cuidense y gozen , solo hay una vida.Jesus


  2. The hills (mountains?) surrounding the school are very beautiful. Are they really saying the school will be ready that soon? Looks like it might have a ways to go.Thanks for posting the pictures, Caitlin. Every additional bit of information helps to put my mind at ease (except perhaps for the bit about Dunkin Donuts – I’m not sure they are healthy anywhere).Working on some writing at home. Deadline is tomorrow at 5 PM so I better get cracking!Love, Mom (Kathy)


  3. I’m hoping this comment takes! I’m so glad to hear that you all arrived safely and are finding some familiar surroundings. I can’t wait to see pictures of the inside of the apartment, especially once it’s all decorated. Caitlin, you have the coolest decorating ideas…I’m excited to see what you discover.


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