TidBit of the Day-Getting Stuff Done!

Things work a little differently here in Hondoland. A different manner of organization, added to the massive amount of forms we have to fill out, plus the language barrier, can sometimes make for a very round-about way of getting things done.

For example, take my fellow teacher, Katherine, who wanted to make photocopies of something on cardstock.
1. She asked the principal (who’s office is on one end of campus) how to do this and was told it’s possible in the copy center.
2. She filled out a copy request form.
3. She went to the copy center (in the library in the middle of campus and where they only speak Spanish) and they were very confused although helpful while they tried to make her photocopies on larger paper instead of thicker paper. Finally she figured out she needed to get the paper from the Bodega (where all our school supplies are kept) herself.
4. She filled out a Bodega form.
5. She went back to the principal (on the far end of campus again) to get her Bodega form signed.
6. She went to the Bodega (located in the administration building in the middle and front of campus and where they only speak Spanish) to get cardstock. They do not have cardstock, they gave her posterboard.
7. She asked around to figure out where a paper cutter is located (back to the library in the middle of campus).
8. She cut her posterboard to the correct size.
9. She filled out a copy request form.
10. She finally got her copies.

I am actually starting to get used to this, although it sometimes makes me want to laugh outloud at how complicated something that seems easy can become. I thought I’d fill you in on this tidbit so that the next time you happen to be having a cranky day at school/work, you can think of Alex and I filling out forms and running all over campus just to get a few copies made…it should definitely bring a smile to your day!!:)


2 thoughts on “TidBit of the Day-Getting Stuff Done!

  1. At least you guys can make copies! We need to give our stuff to a para at least 24 hours in advance. No last minute copies, no I need one copy of this, nothing. I don’t even know my own copier code! New place, new rules I guess. Glad to hear you at least have a sense of humor about it!


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